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Helping Entrepreneurs Scale Their Business Past 7+ Figures With Simple Steps And Strategies

As an intuitive thinker, I recognize opportunities fast and say YES and move forward when it gets me closer to my goals and aligns with my core values – Faith, Family, Friend, Fitness and Finances.

I said yes to co-authoring Stepping Stones to Success with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley.

I said yes to investing thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars travelling and studying the best business leaders and thinkers for five years.

I said yes to publishing Living the Life of Your Dreams, something I have realized in my own life.

And because I have tested and proven systems that work, I guarantee results and my clients are getting amazing results, across the board.

I’m the creator of the 3 Month Year Inner Circle and author of The #1 Bestseller “Living the Life of Your Dreams – How To Stop Working Insane Hours And Start Living An Awesome Life.”

Before I first started coaching business owners back in 2011, I had no idea about how to establish a business let alone a self-managing one, but I committed to figuring it out.

I consumed books, courses and seminars for over five years and created a system for establishing a self-managing business called the 3 Month Year Inner Circle – the strategic systems and mindsets to simplify your life and business.

It has transformed the way business owners operate and their mindset about building a business that supports the lifestyle, family and health they want. And it’s helped me to become the go-to business coach around the world.

Here’s where it all started…

When I first got started, I was a driven corporate senior manager trying to build my own business on the side.

Like many of my clients, I have always been an entrepreneur—in my own businesses and other peoples’. I really wanted to make lots of money and provide for my growing family so I wouldn’t have to keep commuting to an office and sacrificing my family for my job.

I wanted to be able to provide for my children and support my wife so she wouldn’t have to work and be able to care for our children. I wanted to give my wife and sons the best life they deserve.

The thing is, I was commuting three hours daily to an office in the city. That meant I was leaving early and coming home late, and feeling low on energy.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I was missing out on my children growing up.

I felt even worse about the situation because I wouldn’t be able to give my new family the life I promised them and knew in my heart they deserved.

I felt like a failure as a husband and father.

The problem was that I wasn’t excited about my work anymore and exhausted when I got home.

Then suddenly it happened!

I was fired from my job for the first time ever. I was stunned!

This loss had just killed my only source of income and any chance of enjoying my family before I could even get a business started.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

I was introduced to Bob Proctor.

He taught me that I was more powerful and had more potential than I knew. He taught me how to think differently. He taught me how the mind works and to control it so that I could focus it. He taught me how to let the mind do what it is capable of doing. He taught me how to think accurately and strategically.

When I took a leap of faith with Bob and started building a coaching business back in 2011, I did not know about establishing an online business. I wasn’t aware of the systems, automations and mindsets that would lead to a successful self-managing business.

The only training and experience I had were self-taught from the time when I was in my twenties helping my brother grow his telecom construction firm. I was running the business operations and helped to grow the company from start-up to over a million dollars in three years. I didn’t fully realize it yet, but my chief strength at the time was systems, business automations and efficiencies.

I’ll never forget how nervous I was talking to Bob Proctor about investing $20,000 to become a certified coach.

Back then, my business was nothing but a dream. But I could feel it in my heart that I needed to trust my intuition and say yes to Bob so I could take the next step.

The problem was that I wasn’t making any money and going through savings fast.

I knew I needed to do something but wasn’t sure this time, because I had tried building my own business before – and didn’t know how to establish a successful one that could operate whether I was there or not.

So I said yes to Bob… and when I did, it became crystal clear to me that the secret to establishing a self-managing business was with strategic planning, systems and business automation.

Discovering this secret meant I could have a business that inspires me and be with my family as much as I wanted.

So I took control of my life and discovered how to strategically plan, systematize and automate my business.

And that’s when I knew I was onto something…

I could teach other business owners how to create their own self-managing business and live the life of their dreams.

I started sharing what I learned about strategic planning, systems and business automations with other entrepreneurs I knew. And their results were incredible.

I kept refining the processes, and the results kept getting better… until I felt so confident that I began guaranteeing the results.

Pretty soon, I was being asked to speak on podcasts, summits and radio shows from London to New York to teach people about how they can use my formula to grow their own self-managing businesses. The amazing results continued to pour in – and that’s when I decided to turn it into a step-by-step program that anyone could implement.

That was the start of an incredible wave of experienced entrepreneurs scaling their six or seven-figure business faster without sacrificing themselves or their family for their business.

Starting a business years ago could have been done without planning, systematizing and business automation, but today it’s essential.

Of course, my techniques are not just for well-established businesses, but they work best when you’re already operating and want to scale to a new level of income.

I’ve taught entrepreneurs from around the world in different industries how to systematize and automate their operations, and they’ve established businesses that fuel the health they want, the family they want and the life they want.

And of course, there are a lot of things that have changed in my life since systematizing my business.

Today, I live in Milton, Ontario with the love of my life and tropical island girl, Nathalie and our three children. I have an amazing system for helping business owners grow fast without sacrificing themselves or their families for their business. I am a #1 bestselling author of Living The Life Of Your Dreams.

I spend as much time as I can outdoors in nature and have plenty of time to work on my purpose and passions.

My mission in life is to give 90% of my income to inspirational people that have a desire to make a difference in the world but don’t have the resources and finances to pull it together.

For years my wife and I have donated to help children around the world have the opportunity to enjoy a better life. Every month we sponsor children with the expectation that they will grow up with a vision of hope knowing that they are not alone and that there’s always help when you need it.

All of this was made possible because I decided it was time to take control of my life, and strategically plan, systematize and automate my business.

And now, it’s my goal to help people around the world to establish their self-managing business too and create the life of their dreams.

It could happen for you, too.

I’m no different from you. I didn’t have any advantages when I first started. I believe that everyone’s business starts at the bottom.

But I made it a point to create business systems that gave me the freedom I desired to be with my family. And I’ve helped people like you around the world achieve this same goal.

I don’t want anything from you, but want everything good to happen for you!

Think you’re ready to have me guide you through a step-by-step process to build your own systematized self-managing business?

I can help you create the life of your dreams without sacrificing your family for your business. So, tell me a bit about yourself and your business.

Think you’re ready to do this?

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