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Be careful what you WISH for!

Your thoughts become your things! Thoughts aren't just impulses that we release from our minds. Our thoughts travel and bring back to us what we think about whether we like it or not, which is why we must be very careful about what we're thinking about the most. When we attract an unpleasant circumstance or even to ourselves, we need to ask ourselves what thoughts we had that lead to the event unfolding.

Because many of our beliefs were laid down early and they were just copied from people closest to us unconsciously, like our parents, siblings, relatives and teachers, we have to examine, we have to go back and ask what was the programming, “what were the beliefs that I was imitating when I was a child?”

What was the conversation between my parents, what were the conversation about  money, risk, faith and change, what were their beliefs, what was their self image about success. Did they think that rich and successful people were good people or did they think they were bad people.

Did they identify with successful people or did they identify with people who struggled. What were the things that they believed that they weren't aware of that they got from their parents and ancestors.

So we need to do an analysis of the beliefs that we have and watch them and become aware as they come up, because now we aware of it, we will see when it comes up. And be careful what you wish for because you will absolutely get what you wished for through your thoughts.

– Dan

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  1. Great lesson Dan!
    I too have had these types of thoughts, and they are powerful.
    I often wake up very early in the am, and I have said to myself “I will get up before everyone and get some reading done, I hope the boys don’t wake up….” Within minutes, both of them are up and I don’t get any reading in…. I now use the words, “the boys will sleep for a while and I can get some reading done…” Bang! That changed everything… 🙂

    1. Amazing Chris! Great example!
      The moment you made the conscious choice to make your morning practice work for you and shut off all counter productive thoughts was the instant you changed your potential for success. Now you have the power!

  2. Dan,
    Thank you I totally agree.
    Thanks for reminding of principles I have practiced for most of my life, I just forgot
    for awhile.

    1. Awesome Deb! Awareness is the starting point to all change and either something comes from within you or something outside stimulates you. Keep going!

  3. I have often wondered about weather our thoughts could actually influence things that happen to us. Since watching your video and listening to the examples you gave, I now am convinced that they do. I will be practicing on keeping only thoughts of what I want to happen in my mind from now on. I understand now. Thank you.

    1. Yes Linda, our thoughts become our things whether we like it or not, because thoughts repeated regularly and systematically sink into the subconscious mind and become habitual. We are habitual beings and it’s all because we think similar thoughts over and over again until it becomes normal for us. Be careful of what you think about on a consistent basis and always deliberately direct your thoughts towards what you want every day so that you inevitably get it.

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