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There is very little standing in the way of your wealth.

There is very little standing in the way of your wealth.

You can easily become wealthy, except for this one little thing: your money mindset.

Each of us is working at 100% of our “mindset ceiling” but that glass ceiling is capped by the box we see ourselves in. If your parents earned $250,000, guess what you’re most likely to earn yourself? That’s right, $250,000. It’s what we know.

What you need to get over that hump is a change in mindset— you need a wealth mindset.

I had to get a good online marketer recently. One quote came in at $8,400 for a year. The other came in at $840. The former was from a company run by an entrepreneur; the latter was from a guy who wanted to make $64 per month.

Which one are you?

Shed false beliefs

Most of us believe that we need to work hard to make money, which means that the only way to make money is if we work hard.

That’s far from the truth. We all work hard at times, but there’s no straight line between the amount and intensity of your work and the results that you achieve. In fact, if you’re the only money-making engine in your company, you’re limited as to what you can earn by the number of hours in each day.

“But I have to do the work! Other people are not as skilled, or they’re unreliable.”

Can you picture yourself saying this?

If you believe that you have to do the work and that other people are unreliable, guess what’s going to happen?

You will attract people who are unreliable…and you’ll end up doing all the work. What builds wealth is when you hire capable people who do things that you should not or cannot do yourself.

Build your plan

People rarely ask themselves “how much am I worth and how much can I make?”

When you have your head down, working away in your business, you barely have time to plan your next move. You certainly don’t have time to create a wealth-building lifestyle plan.

I help entrepreneurs to adopt wealth mindsets.

Once I get to know you and your business in great detail, I will help you put together a wealth-building plan and then act on it.

We will restructure how and where you invest your time, put business systems in place to streamline processes, and adjust the way that you manage your team so that your wealth plan becomes a reality. Tell me about yourself and your business and let’s see if we would make a good team.

Slide “Dan helped me focus and prioritize my life and business. I have learned to look at problems differently, thus finding meaningful solutions and moving forward with clarity. My business has grown, and we hit our first six-figure months two consecutive months in a row.” - Brad Moffatt, Business Owner at Moffatt Autoworks Slide “Awesome business leader! If you're ready to grow your business and master your lifestyle, Dan's got my highest endorsement!” – Rob Goyette,
Slide “Dan gave me the tools that help me gain clarity on my life’s vision... you get coaching on what is blocking you either technical (productivity, time management , sales funnels etc) and mindset. He did not let me get in the way of my own success and I am forever thankful for that.” – Catalina Riebe,
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