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Harnessing the "Power" of Your Self-Image

You know, desire is the emotion that turns your thoughts into actions… and learned emotions are based on repeating something to yourself.

Once you have the self-image in mind of how you want to be perceived in the world and a burning desire attached to it, you will automatically begin to increase your perception of yourself… and build your self-confidence.

As you see yourself differently and develop your self-image and give it attention on a regular basis (like saying positive affirmations), people around you will give you positive feedback and faith will take over.

The happiest and most successful people in the world have a really “positive” self-image of themselves and it’s “no accident!”

Consider “making a movie” where the whole story is all about you and not only are you the Star of the movie, you are the writer, producer and director.  The movie is made by you and it’s all about you… it’s whatever you want it to be without limitations or possibilities.

Now this is what I call “Thinking Into Results”… and if you’re interested in taking your life or your business to an all-new level of success and happiness, I suggest that you take a look at my program of the same name Thinking Into Results.