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Because many of our beliefs about money are laid down early and they
were just copied from people closest to us unconsciously, we have to
examine, we have to go back and ask what was the programming, “what
were the beliefs that I was imitating when I was a child.”
What was the conversation between my parents, what was the
conversation about money, what were their beliefs, what was their
self image about success. Did they think that rich and successful
people were good people or did they think they were bad people.
Did they identify with successful people or did they identify with
people who struggled. What were the things that they believed that
they weren’t aware of that they got from their parents and ancestors.
So we need to analyze the beliefs that we have and watch them… and
become aware as they come up, because now we aware of it, we will see
when it comes up.
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When we go to write down our goal or think of a goal, something will
pop up in your mind and say you’re not going to do that, who are you
to do that, who do you think you are… and you’ll see it, it will show
Instead of what you did in the past of just thinking that’s a little
voice inside my head, you’ll become aware of it and now realize that
“this voice” lives in my mind and keeps me the same
… and you’ll say to yourself, where did that come from and then you
will remember that your mother said something similar, and she would
say something like we don’t have enough money or where are you going
to get the money.
Remember this, “awareness builds its own momentum.”
To earn more you must learn more… align your inner thoughts with your
outer desires.
Imagine if you had:
– Consistent habitual practices for sustainable success and a rich mindset
– Structured internal systems that will guarantee your success when implemented
Eliminate interference that’s causing friction to make way for the
lifestyle you desire – “habit gravity” is tugging on your mind lately
and you’re working on developing enough escape velocity so that you
can break away from them.
– Dan
Download your 2-Step “image making” process here:

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