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How to avoid the danger of "Multi Tasking"

There are several studies that reveal that “switching tasks” causes you mental wear and tear and depletes your intelligence… what I call “your mental currency”

Multi tasking isn’t helping you do anything faster, and constant exposure to multiple electronic devices, from smart phones to computers, to tablets, to kindles makes us really bad at multitasking.

Research shows that “when we’re pushing ourselves to perform two or more tasks, especially complicated tasks, it’s not beneficial, it’s “extremely inefficient”.

That's because no matter how small the task, the brain must reorient its focus each time.

Think of it this way: If you can’t do something in your sleep (i.e. unconsciously)… then it is taking up mental energy and constant shifting of your attention during a day of texting, talking, emailing and writing can all add up to real time.