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How to Have More Money by Being Non-Resistant

Most of us are working to gain more success and increase our income and material wealth, yet we have gotten into the habit of talking about and fearing hard times.

We may talk about not being able to afford something or that its too expensive. We may talk about people we know or criticize the way they generated wealth.

We may look at our financial statements and when we see a downturn, we fear for our investments and our job.

Wealth has to do with consciousness and deservedness.

The way out is to stop focusing on fear and limitation and work only for abundance and prosperity. There's a Universal Law of Non-Resistance and the best way to work with it is to unplug from giving your time, energy and thoughts to that which is opposed to what you want.

Do not say that money is scarce, because this statement will push money away from you. Don't say times are hard, because this will shut off the supply of money and even God cant sneak in another coin.

So how can we work for prosperity? By being non-resistant and tuning in to everything that is prosperous and using every way possible to make it easy for prosperity and money to come in.
Be more like water!