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How to Mentally Supercharge Your Sales Success

Your thoughts are the source and result in virtually everything in your life. All relationships you’re in are a reflection of your thinking and you carry them around in your life. If you believe your job is lousy, that’s because you think of it that way. Even though you’re not at work, your thoughts of being there are always with you. The only way for you to truly experience successful sales is through your thoughts.

Here are 8 things you can do to ignite your RESULTS immediately:

  1. Establish your Focus by thinking with the end in mind.
  2. Determine what you want or desire with an intense focus.
  3. Develop a practice of Persistence and strong belief in yourself.
  4. Design a definite a Plan that is organized and detailed.
  5. Be a student of Accurate knowledge – study and learn from the greatest leaders either alive or from books and biographies.
  6. Establish an Attitude of cooperation for greater sympathy, understanding and harmony.
  7. Strengthen your Will power with concentrated thoughts to the exclusion of all outside information.
  8. Develop deeply rooted Habits through a daily rehearsal of focusing on what you want.

The best way to balance everything in life is to think of it in terms of a balanced weight scale, which if tipped too far in one direction will result in something being neglected and missed. In order to avoid tipping this imaginary scale, you must have a priority in the way you think. You become what you focus your attention on all day long.

The key mechanism you need to have is greater self-awareness of what you’re doing in your life, and that doesn’t necessarily come easy. Most people are distracting themselves with all sorts of insignificant media and information, and don’t often take the time to get quiet and realize what’s going on inside of them. The key to moving in the direction of your desire is to align yourself with your inner thirst for growth and your deepest desires.

Consider this: You are working towards your goal and for every positive thought you take one step forward, but for every negative thought, you take ten steps backward. Just one negative thought or experience could totally cancel out all your efforts. Absolute faith in yourself, constant vigilance, and self-awareness is essential to your success.

All of the greatest leaders of our time have agreed on one thing—“we become what we think about.” —They have virtually disagreed on everything else.

Everything is created in the imagination and expressed in your environment. Whatever is impressed on your subconscious mind must be expressed in your reality. All creations throughout time were first created in the imagination and then duplicated in the physical world. Instead of living by the circumstances of your environment, you build an image of the world to your liking and establish the discipline and practices necessary to acquire what you want. When you begin to flex this mental muscle, your entire world will unfold naturally and you will produce results in a new and big way.

The next step to designing the business of your dreams and achieving great success is through constant practice and repetition. Life is not a rehearsal; however, rehearsing all of your life doing what you love will attract your deepest desires. We are the architects of our environment and the better we know ourselves, the clearer our choices.

Desire is the emotion that turns your thoughts into action. A learned emotion is based on regular repetition. Once you have the image of what you want in your mind and a burning desire attached to it, you only begin to move in the direction of your dream through repetitive exercises and actions to reinforce the results you want.

As you develop your image and give it attention on a regular basis, new and improved opportunities will arise. Mastering the art of rapid and effective decision making will lead to what some would consider living an “enchanted” life. Most people in the world are not good at making quick decisions. Decision-makers always rise to leadership roles, are rarely understood, and envied by most.

Successful sales people live with a definite purpose and make decisions rapidly while operating from a heightened state of awareness using their higher faculties. Available to everybody, these faculties are: perception, will, memory, imagination, intuition, and reason. Sales people who live abundant lives are successful. In other words, successful people shine and are forever hitting their goals and setting new ones. They are open for greater expansion and growth, which is in direct alignment with the universal laws. They are always expanding and growing and shooting for the stars. Study the most successful sales people and learn how they keep everything together while growing their business.