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How to Overcome Adversity from Being Overweight by Changing Your Mindset

Obesity has become a huge problem in the world. With so much available for us to consume without having to work all that hard, it is not surprising that the average weight has increased significantly in the past few years.

Obesity and being overweight does not just cause physical health problems, It can cause a great degree of stress as well. Every single person that is either overweight or obese faces a great deal of adversity.

This adversity is causing the social disapproval that comes from being overweight.

People start to consider you fair game for teasing and taunting. The stress that you are put under causes you to gain even more weight. This eventually sets a vicious circle into motion, whereby people who are obese get stressed out and end up gaining even more weight which makes their attempts at losing weight even more of a struggle.

Therefore, changing your mindset is actually a really important part of losing weight. By changing your mindset, you are going to change the way you approach and perceive everything in your life, especially your weight and your attempts to lose it.

One of the most important aspects of changing your mindset is perseverance. Most people give up after a few days after attempting to start losing weight. They do so because they expect to see immediate results, no matter how unlikely it is to see immediate results while attempting to do something so difficult.

As a result, they automatically assume that the rest of their regimen is going to result in a failure as well. They project their initial failures onto the future of their weight loss regimen, which certainly would be far less likely if they choose to persevere instead of giving up so early on.

In our interview, Susan has a very deep story to tell about her own struggles with weight loss. In this video, Susan describes how she was overweight as a teenager. However, she did not become obese until she was in her twenties.

She explains that this progression was actually caused by the fact that she was overweight in the first place. Being overweight put a lot of pressure on her because of the inevitable teasing. She faced the same problem with perseverance that so many other overweight people face.

Her failure to lose weight would depress her, causing her to eat in order to suppress her stress. This resulted in her gaining weight and going from simply overweight to obese within the span of a decade.

Susan’s story is interesting not only because it provides an important example of the vicious cycle that overweight people tend to be caught in, it also provides an example of someone who broke out of the vicious cycle and managed to lose weight with the power of her mindset and a desire to change.

Susan has achieved her target weight now and aside from being an expert at overcoming the odds of beating obesity, she is a college professor with a PhD in brain and cognitive sciences, which gives her a deeper understanding of the mindset behind weight gain.

Susan now teaches exactly how to overcome being overweight and obese in her program called Brightline Eating that promises that you’ll be Happy Thin and Free at the end of her program. www.happythinandfree.com.

She has a free gift waiting for anyone when you go to her website. Once on her site, download the free report that’s called The Three Huge Mistakes That Almost Everyone Makes When They Try To Lose Weight. Click the link above and download it now for a short period.

– Dan