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How to Practice Preparation For Unlimited Success

When preparing to paint a room or start a project around the house, generally 90% of the effort is in the preparation. You have to remove or relocate items, prepare the space for the changes that are about to take place in a clean and organized fashion. Once completed all of the preparations, you’re ready to proceed and carry out the project.

Stephen Covey stated “Begin with the end in mind.” When considering this idea, get quiet and go to a place in your creative mind where you can visualize the people, places or things that you want in your life the most. Draw upon your deep reservoirs of talent and ability and feel yourself inside of your imaginary world. Really get into it and become aware of all that surrounds you in your manifestation and believe as though it were a dream.

Now come back to reality and write down all of the things you saw. This is the foundation for tools you will need to prepare for achieving your success. Whether it’s a power suit, a stronger self-image, certain materials or information, these are the essential resources that will become part of the fabric of your manifestation. Lay the groundwork for you success by preparing for what’s to come and give thanks as it unfolds and becomes the reality you so desired. Prepare for the ability to match your opportunities and become aware of the world around you.

“People are thirsty for leadership and in need of guidance to facilitate their growth from the inside out, and I have the knowledge and resources in a simple and easy to take format that ignites change at the level where results are created, your mind. It’s a simple matter of cause and effect.”