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How to Program Your Inner GPS to Avoid Painful Problems

Are you wondering why you're not living the life of your dreams when that's the reason why you started your business in the first place?

Few of us have a plan for our life. Most of us are passive spectators, watching our lives unfold, one day at a time. Others, unconsciously follow someone else's agenda, unaware their life has been hijacked by their career.

The process of getting from where you are to where you want to be is like using a GPS. Let me explain.
Think of your mind like a GPS system. With every picture you visualize, you're re-confirming the destination that you want to get to. Every time you express a preference for something, you are projecting an intention.

For the GPS to take you where you want to go, it simply needs to know your current location and where you want to go.

The GPS calculates where you are from the signals it receives from satellites and calculates your exact position. When you key in your destination, the GPS plots the best route for you. All you have to do is follow the directions.

Success in life and in business works the same way. Just decide where you want to go by clarifying your vision, lock in the destination through goal-setting, affirmations, and visualization, and start moving in the right direction. Your inner GPS will keep revealing your route as you continue to move forward towards your goal.

Our vision controls our perception

Once you clarify and remain focused on your vision, the exact steps will keep appearing along the way. When you are clear about what you want and keep your mind consistently and constantly focused on it and the how will keep showing up, many times just when you need it and not a moment earlier.

Unfortunately, most of this information and your thoughts are non-productive, random, contradictory and definitely not intentional. It just happens without your conscious awareness. There's a part of our mind that's speaking (the conscious mind) and there's a part of our mind that's listening (the subconscious) and reacting.

“Until we make the conscious unconscious, it will direct our life and we will call it fate.” – Carl Jung –

What's worse, we constantly send out negative requests to the world and to our subconscious mind through our thoughts every time we criticize ourselves, blame, complain and focus on the lack of things in our lives.

Worrying is one of the easiest ways we set negative goals. We are essentially creating negative images in our mind of what we don't want. The pain associated with the negative feelings that result from not getting what we want should be sufficient warning signal that we're off track, but it doesn't seem to be enough.

Even just talking about the way things are (our reality) actually creates more of the same in our future. When we think about and voice our opinions about our current circumstances, whether good or bad, it's actually prescribing the future, rather than simply describing the present.

The key to programming your GPS accurately is to ask for what you want, not for what you don't want. Every day you send out requests through the thoughts you think to your subconscious mind and to the world. Everything you listen to, read about, talk about, think about and give your attention to is feeding information to your inner GPS.

This includes the radio stations you listen to, the TV shows you watch, the emails you answer, the websites you visit, the magazines and books you read, and the audiobooks you listen to. Literally, everything that you're listening to and watching all day long.

The best way to get control over your inner GPS and stop working insanely long hours and organize your life so that you're not missing important family moments is to create a plan for achieving your goals.
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