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How to Success-Proof Your Day with Daily Bookends

Many people ask me how and what do I practice on a daily basis and for how long in order to attract all that my heart desires. I have come up with a disciplined system to bookend my days with regularity that’s producing amazing results. I have had people say to me “why can’t I just focus on what I want in my life when I have the time or why can’t it be easier.” Friends and family of mine say they want to achieve great things, but can’t commit or don’t have the self-discipline.

“We become what we think about all day long.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson said

With Emerson’s concept in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to practice, with repetition, focusing on your burning desire on a daily basis? This can easily be accomplished by using your higher faculty of imagination to propel your ideas into the cosmos, into consciousness and draw every little thing to you that you desire with passion and purpose.

The term “bookend your day” was coined by Darren Hardy, Editor for Success Magazine. It’s a practice of beginning and ending your day with the thoughts and images of what you love and desire the most in your life. Whether you’re affirming, reading, writing, meditating or any number of methods to visualize and conceptualize the possibilities of something near and dear that you want to do, be or have, combining practice and repetition with faith and expectancy will certainly lead to the fruition of your dreams.

Write out a mental list of things that you love the most and expand on them without limitation. See yourself in the midst of having everything you desire, feel it and begin acting as if in your current environment. Plant these ideas on the screen of your mind as soon as you wake every day and before you retire for the night for 30 minutes. Have complete faith in them coming to fruition and empower the possibilities with new information and resources as your mind draws new channels of information and resources to you.

Become aware of the people, places and things appearing in your environment that is aligned with your bookends. Write a mental thank you list for all of the new avenues and opportunities appearing as a result of your new practice. Embrace your life and enjoy creating your world around you by practicing bookends along with gratitude for all that your desire and deserve.

You have a powerful and marvelous mind. By giving yourself a command to follow with constant spaced repetition, your life will change like night and day. The mind is so unique that it can be re-programed to attract all the good that you desire. Get started today; you’ll be glad you did.

“People are thirsty for leadership and in need of guidance to facilitate their growth from the inside out, and I have the knowledge and resources in a simple and easy to take format that ignites change at the level where results are created, your mind. It’s a simple matter of cause and effect.”