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How Your Income Equals Your Money Mindset

Ever wondered how your mindset is producing the income that you have in your life?

Or why is it not producing the income that you don't have in life?

Can one really tune into a money mindset? Or better still a growth mindset?

What if I told you, your mindset is a mental currency and that money and mindset are related more than you think they are.

What is a Money Mindset?

Think of your mindset as being a currency that you are investing in every day. So, your thoughts are a mental currency and every day you invest them little by little. Because of how you invest your thoughts in your mindset, you get some sort of outcome in the form of money. That outcome directly depends on your input – the quality of your thoughts in this case.

You may have a job or a business that you are working on every day and so you are investing in it by putting in all your effort. If you are investing in having more money, then you can't go around trying to skip out not tipping at restaurants or buying the cheapest thing when you are comparison shopping. You can't go around buying used vehicles instead of new ones.

If you are guilty of doing so, then you have this thought process that says, “buying a new car is a rip-off.” As soon as I drive off the lot I'm going to lose 30% of the value.

This thought process eventually takes you far from the growth mindset you wish to achieve.
So, think of your thoughts as a mental currency. Honestly, your constant chronic thoughts and your money mindset are producing the kind of income that you either have or don't have in your life. They are determining the quality of your lifestyle. If they are well targeted towards what you want and your beliefs are positive in that regard, the ball is in your court. But if you keep acting and going against your wishes, you don't even see where the ball is.

But here's the thing, you can change it. I'm going to share with you just how you can achieve the growth mindset that will eventually increase your income.

What are the Barriers to a Growth Mindset?

Think about every time you need to fill your car up with gas. You may look at the rising gas prices and get upset. Or you get upset because you bought gas yesterday and today the prices went down.
This also happens when you buy something and then you see the same thing at a better, more reasonable price. It gets you thinking should I return what I bought and get it for a better price? Those are kind of conversations that we have with ourselves every single day and are wasting our mental currency and pushing money away from us.

A friend of mine goes grocery shopping and has a conversation with money about the products he's buying. When he's looking at two products with a difference of only a $1, his mind makes such a big deal out of it, which in turn causes him suffering and pushes money away.

These sort of conversations or dilemmas come from our childhood and our upbringing.

Why You are Not Aligned with the Money Mindset

When we were young we were in a trance. In scientific terms, its called a Hypnagogic Trance. When we were young we couldn't filter information at all. So, we basically accepted every bit of information that came our way without saying no. We did not know how to say no. We did not know how to reason. We don't start reasoning until we're about six or seven years of age. Before that, we had no ability because we were in a trance.

Maybe you buy apps online for your phone. Did you know that there's something called the 99-cent syndrome? We're so accustomed to seeing free apps that when we see one that costs 99 cents, we get confused and start wondering whether we should buy it or not, or look for similar one that's free.
How can you change that?

How to Achieve a Growth Mindset? – The ATM Method

It's not what you think it is. You won't be stealing an ATM.

I am talking about Automatic Transformative Mantra (ATM).

Marie Forleo gave me this idea and it's absolutely fantastic.

Basically, its affirmations – things that you say to yourself. You are always talking to yourself and if you realize that when you talk to yourself in a way that is going to produce the kind of life that you want, you can generate the kind of money and lifestyle you want and get into a growth mindset in the long run.
If you use affirmations positively on a regular basis, your mind, especially the part that is ruling you – the subconscious mind, will generate the results that you want.

The subconscious mind produces about 96-98% of your results, behaviors, and habits. It's giving you everything that you want or don't want in your life. And you can program it for the things you want, especially in terms of money and mindset.

So, think of it from this standpoint, what if you said to yourself an affirmation like:

Large, rich, opulent, lavish financial surprises are coming to me now and I am grateful.

Edwene Gaines gave me this affirmation in her book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. Her affirmation is one that you can say to yourself and convince yourself that you will have large, rich, opulent, lavish financial surprises. That, in turn, will change your beliefs. More on this below.

3 Simple Steps to Changing Money Mindset

To get into a growth mindset you need to adopt some changes in your mental attitude towards what you are doing in life.

Napoleon Hill says, Conceive, Believe and Achieve.

Conceive is where you get the idea. Like the one I'm giving you here.

Believe is where you affirm what you want. You change your mind and think about the things that you want.

Achieve is how you get it. You take action. You get emotionally involved, take action and get the results that you want.

Your mind is creating mental currency all the time, you have your ATM (Automatic Transformative Mantra) by saying affirmations. Just put them into practice and you'll change your reality.
Edwene practiced saying her mantra consistently and regularly, but one time she had a complete falling out where there was a severe storm and her live event was cancelled. She owed thousands of dollars to pay for all of her expenses and her employees and she did not know what to do.

Then she saw a casino outside her window as the storm was blowing all around her and decided to go there. She put twenty-five cents into a slot machine and ended up winning $10,000. All of her problems were solved.

She had a problem and the solution came right to her instantly. Why? Because she has a mindset and believed that large, rich, opulent lavish financial surprises come to her all the time. That is exactly what she got.

She had a problem and a solution was given to her almost automatically. Now it's in your hands and you get to choose what you want to conceive, make your mind believe and achieve.

You have the power to set your mind running with a growth mindset. You now know exactly how you want to change your money mindset to achieve what you actually want in life. How are you going to turn tables in your favour now that you have his knowledge is totally up to you.