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How to Lean Into Life and Get the Money You Want

The Universe Rewards Action

It is a known fact – the world doesn't pay you for what you know, rather it pays you for what you do, it rewards your actions. Analyzing, planning and organizing is a good way to go about an idea of a business, however, taking actions leaps above analyzing planning and organizing, it paves way for trial and error.
First thing first, there is no such thing as a perfect plan and even if there is, it is impossible for you to conjure one all by yourself and set it into motion (even if it is possible to create a perfect plan by yourself – by the time you are done, you realize you are too late), which is why trial and error is important, rather than wasting your time doing too much of unnecessary things, focus on taking action and learn from there.

Talk Is Cheap

Over the years of teaching and coaching thousands of people, I was able to realize that one thing that distinguishes winners from losers, it is that winners take actions – they get up and set things in motion, relying on the process for future planning. Once you have an idea or a plan in your head, step on the throttle, set it in motion, even without knowing what to do. Mistakes will come, correct it and move forward – they (mistakes) are unavoidable, they help you progress, help you build your momentum until you get to your desired line, your desired goal, the results you wished for or even something better.
It is hard to be successful but also simple if you do certain things. To be successful, you have to follow successful people, mimic their ways of doing things. Hack into what they are doing, know why they are doing it and once all aims and objectives have been identified, take your next step. TAKE ACTION. Action speaks louder than words, it reaches places your voice can't reach and produces the desired results – if not the desired results, troubleshoot it until you get to your goal. Nothing happens unless there is action.

Ready, Fire, Aim

Most of you are probably familiar with the ready, aim, fire approach. Well, not to sound to blunt, that approach is getting outdated and lagging behind, too many people are getting stuck at the aiming stage, as they decide on not firing, either because they are discouraged (thinking their plans won't work) or they just don't know how to connect their theories to a practical world. They try to perfect their aim before firing, but as stated in step 2, there is no such thing as a perfect plan, a business idea only gets better with time.
By using the ready, fire, aim approach to business, you start by identifying the basic things such as aims and objectives, goals, mission and vision and so on. Once these are laid out, it means you are ready to fire, pull the trigger and shoot. Yes, you may or may not hit your target so what do you do? You don't stop and say, this isn't going to work and close down. Instead, you take aim and fire again. Ask why didn't you hit your target previously, what factors affected the movement of the business?
Deduce why the target wasn't met, get people around you to offer their feedback after monitoring you. Find the best solutions in different ways – maybe the best option is to narrow your target and fire again. Once you've laid out your possible solutions, apply them, then go again – Take aim and fire. You will definitely hit or come close to hitting the target and if you don't, troubleshoot again until you hit that desired target. FIRE, ADJUST AIM AND RE-FIRE.

How to Lean Into Your Intentions and Gain Momentum

According to an ancient Chinese proverb, a journey to a thousand miles starts with a single step. Success happens often when you just lean into it, make up your mind, let yourself know that you are willing to go through a lot to get your idea running.
One of the benefits of leaning into intentions is that you begin to create and gain momentum and attract unseen energy forces that drive you to do more, more resources and improvement ideas will come, more helpful and productive people will begin to come in at the right time.
I've been in a situation like this when I started out as a coach – I had no job or whatsoever, but when my mentor and he asked me to invest $20,000 to learn from him, in order to be a coach. He had over 50 years of knowledge and had read over 4000 books. Without even thinking twice, I jumped right in and today, it has taken me around the world teaching and training, thanks to that first step.
Planning for a specific business idea is good but taking action and eliminating time wastage caused by over planning is better. My advice to you is to lean into it, lean into whatever plans or idea you have and just get started.
Mind you, it is normal to be afraid when you take that first leap – we are all humans after all but overcoming fear will take you further than you can imagine. Watch out for my next video on fears and how to overcome them.