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How Your Mind and Reality Control Your Money

Your mindset around money is more important than your physical reality.

In this post, I'll walk you through the entire process to help you bridge the gap between mind and your physical reality so that you can attract the kind of money you want and live a lifestyle you have always wished for.

What are a Mind and Matter?

What is the matter? Matter is your physical money. It could be your bank statement, your investment statement, your transactions, cash in your wallet or even your interactions with money.

The mind is everything you say to yourself. In this context, your mind is the thoughts that make your money mindset. They could be centered around vacations, cars, houses or something of the sort.

Maybe you might be saying that I cant afford a vacation right now or I cant afford a new car right now.

You think about not having enough money, about finding other ways of making money, even about working more to get the money.

Perhaps you are comparison shopping and only a difference of a dollar creates havoc inside your mind. All these thoughts are affecting your money mindset.

These beliefs that run in your mind were not made up by you. They were given to you. But these beliefs regarding money ultimately contribute towards your money mindset.

Your Mind is Bigger than Your Matter

Your mind is bigger than your physical reality because what you are thinking about and whatever is going on in your mind matters much more. It attracts the kind of matter (money) you have in your life. Your interaction with money creates a mindset, your money mindset, that is responsible for the amount of money you get in life.

How Mind and Matter Come Together?

Imagine there is a bridge between your mind and matter, and money sits right in the middle of that bridge.

You are always trying to somehow fill this gap between mind and matter. You are trying to bring your mind and matter together to get the money you want.

If you recall, the matter is whatever you have physically, your bank statement, your investment statement, and the cash in hand. There is a limitation to that. It drives you into thinking because I don't have enough money I cant afford that vacation or I cant afford that car. If I get a credit card, I'll be in debt and then I'll have to pay interest. Sounds familiar?

On the other end, you have your mind, the center of your thoughts. You can ask yourself for the solution to your problem and have thoughts like how can I get that vacation? Where can I get the money? Can I find a better way? Can I find a better price? You can convince your mind to think differently.

Transform Your Money Mindset into a Growth Mindset

You can transform your already established money mindset into a growth mindset by:

  • Affirmations
  • Visualizations

You can do affirmations, in which you'll say things to yourself that will help you change your money mindset and develop into a growth mindset. You can start thinking in terms of the kind of money you want.

You can do visualizations. You can visualize yourself having the money you want. You can visualize yourself on that vacations. Visualize yourself having that car or that house you want.

Shifting Mindset to Gain Matter

I have seen this happen many times, in fact even with my mother. She wanted to go on a cruise ship vacation. She kept giving me all sorts of reasons and excuses for not being able to go. Things like not having the money or who shell go with and where she will go. At one point I had to stop her and tell her to stop telling me about everything that cannot happen and instead just focus on what she wants.

I told her to go on the internet and look at pictures, videos, and cruise ships. I told her to start asking herself who would like to come with her on this cruise trip. Start looking into everything that could possibly happen and make it so she finds a way to make her vacation come true. She did and in 6 months I was congratulating her for she had successfully planned her cruise. I told her that you have done a fantastic job, and this is something really great you've done for yourself, here are a $1000, go and have a great time.

She focused on bridging a gap between mind and matter and that shift resulted in the growth mindset we all need in life. You can do it too. Just start thinking in the direction of your dreams and goals and let your thoughts only be in the favor of what you want.

Jeff Walker, a great friend, and mentor of mine started off his career 20 years ago. He was going through some tough times and because of that, he was removing twist ties off the bags when buying fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. Can you imagine! He was so desperate and did this so he did not have to pay for the weight of the twist ties. He only had $400 income every month. That was everything for him and his two children to live on.

His mindset around money was so limited, so small that he was convinced that removing the twist ties would save him money. You would think of it as insane because twist ties weigh almost nothing and only save a fraction of a cent.

Over time, he shifted that money mindset and even created a Product Launch Formula that he sold in a very small way for a few hundred dollars. Eventually, that price grew from hundreds to a few thousand and from a few thousand to tens of thousands. His mindset around money changed and he was finally able to get a house for his family. He needed $100,000 to invest in the house. Because he had developed a growth mindset around money, he set his intentions to generate a $100,000 and did it through his online course only.

I bet there are still some lingering limitations around money in his mind but he worked on it a lot to make that shift.

Start with this…

By now I'm sure your mind is wondering how am I going to change whats going on with the physical reality and matter in my life.

Heres a quick tip, when you go shopping just silently or out loud say Thank you for the money when you pay at the cash register.

Physically interact with the money differently than you would otherwise. Ge grateful for it. Write that down even on your credit card statements and on your bills. Thank you for the money. Even with plastic. Credit card companies have given you the credit, they have lent you money so that you can go out and buy things with it.

You have to work on your mindset more than you have to work on your physical reality. A bit of both can bridge that gap for you and get you the kind of money that you want so that you can have the lifestyle that you want.

This post is all about you taking the steps to change your money mindset, develop a growth mindset and conquer whatever you want in life. If you take anything away from what I've shared, take some form of action – do affirmations or visualizations about the things you want most and start shifting your mindset around money.

Jeff Walker did it, my mother did it, I've done it, and you can do it too!