Elevate Your Million-Dollar Empire with Lewis Howes’ Daily Questions

You're not just an entrepreneur; you're a force to be reckoned with, commanding a multi-million dollar business and an unquenchable hunger for success. But let's be real, even the most accomplished entrepreneurs have room for growth. That's where Lewis Howes steps in.

Lewis Howes isn't just about achieving greatness; he's also a firm believer in the power of questions. Today, we're unveiling Lewis Howes' daily questions and how they can skyrocket your mindset, fuel your success, and keep you hungry, humble, and smart.

1. What am I grateful for today?

Gratitude might not seem like your typical success secret, but Lewis Howes knows better. He gets it; you're busy building your empire. Still, taking a moment each day to think about what you're grateful for can work wonders on your mindset.

Think about it. A satisfied customer's smile, a game-changing idea from your team, or the simple beauty of a sunrise—these are the small treasures that fuel your journey. Gratitude helps you cherish the present and stay positive.

2. What did I learn today?

Lewis Howes is a lifelong learner, and that's no coincidence. He knows that knowledge is your secret weapon, no matter how small the piece. So, ask yourself, “What did I learn today?”

It could be a productivity hack, a fresh perspective from a colleague, or a golden nugget from a podcast. Every bit of learning sharpens your mind and keeps your entrepreneurial edge razor-sharp.

3. How did I contribute to others' well-being today?

Your success isn't a solo mission. Lewis Howes knows that the sweetest success is born from making a positive impact on others. Reflect on your day and ask, “How did I contribute to others' well-being today?”

Maybe you cracked a problem for a client, pumped up your team, or lent a hand to a fellow

entrepreneur. These acts of kindness amplify your journey's glow and reinforce your dedication to serving others.

4. What steps did I take towards my goals today?

Goals are your North Star, and Lewis Howes lives by them. He knows that each day is a step closer to your dreams. So, ponder, “What steps did I take towards my goals today?”

It could be as simple as drafting a to-do list, making a crucial call, or nurturing a passion project.

Consistent progress, no matter how tiny, fuels your journey and fans the flames of your entrepreneurial spirit.

5. How did I overcome challenges today?

Entrepreneurship is an obstacle course, and Lewis Howes is the ultimate teacher. He sees challenges as stepping stones to growth and resilience. So, ask yourself, “How did I overcome challenges today?”

Maybe you faced a tough decision, found a creative solution, or stood tall in a demanding negotiation. Reflecting on your resilience and determination strengthens your ability to conquer whatever hurdles lie ahead.


Integrate these daily questions into your routine, and watch your mindset and success reach new heights. Lewis Howes' wisdom teaches us that success isn't just a destination; it's the journey and the incredible person you become along the way.

So, keep questioning, keep reflecting, and keep growing. Your multi-million dollar empire is just the beginning of what you can achieve.

Stay hungry, stay humble, stay smart.