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How to Win the Game of Making Changes in Your Life

When you decide to make a change, you usually run into three things.

They are conditions, fears, and roadblocks.

The way to overcome these three potential “show-stoppers” is to focus on your goal from two perspectives.

Most times, we just focus on it from where we are now and forget about the power of our supercomputer mind…

…and the invisible forces of life supporting us all of the time.

I use this method all of the time even when I am on vacation and it works.

I was on vacation with my family and really wanted a late check-out time because our flight wasn't until 9 PM.

So I thought about what I wanted and visualized the whole experience with the vacation representative in the lobby.

Not surprisingly, the whole event unfolded exactly as I had visualized it.

…and you can do it too.

Watch this video and start winning the game of change more often.

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