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  • Get Clarity On The Future Success Of Your Business Growth
  • Build A Clear Plan To Achieve Your Big Goal In 12-Weeks
  • Hold Your Hand With Weekly Accountability And Coaching
  • Establish A Solid Growth Mindset So Can Accomplish Anything 

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Who is Dan LeFave?

Dan has built and grown multi-million-dollar businesses. Agency owners are his sweet spot.

They seek him out to get more clarity, focus, systematized and in control of their life and business. He helps them strategize and prepare for their next level of success with step-by-step shortcuts to achieve their goals easier..

Dan’s clients enjoy more success, peacefulness, greater mental acuity, greater focus and overall a huge uptake in productivity, success, and income.

Dan lives with his wife Nathalie and their three sons in Milton, Ontario. Although his children are young, Dan still has lots of fun teaching them how to create and design a mindset for success, happiness and a lifestyle of freedom and fun.

Hear What My Client's Say About Working with Me...

Alice Ma

Founder, Magenta Design

Julius Guevarra

Business Coach Academy

Daniel Lamb

Holland Creative

Dan's intervention has led to some really dynamic changes in my life. My focus is concentrated, my reality is vivid and my future is incredibly clear!

Walter Aiello


Dan helped me focus and prioritize my life and business. I have learned to look at problems differently, thus finding meaningful solutions and moving forward with clarity. My business has grown, and we hit our first six-figure months two consecutive months in a row.

Brad Moffatt

Business Owner at Moffatt Autoworks

You're such a peaceful person. I think you're bringing peace to this planet that's why you are interested in this subject.

Ken Honda

Zen Money Teach & Author "Happy Money"

Dan has gone far beyond my expectations. He managed to pull my head out of the clouds and he provided a grounding that not only has changed the path my business is going to follow but also the path that I personally am going to follow.

Marilyn Pilarczyk

Marilyn’s Windows and Interiors

Dan LeFave. If you don’t know him, let’s change that. Dan introduced me to the “12 Week Year” which has altered the trajectory of my business and my life. I’m very lucky to call him coach, and his approach to mindset is both unique and wildly effective. Thank you for all the good you do, Dan.

Daniel Lamb

Holland Creative

Dan takes complex business and personal problems and make it make sense within minutes. Once he does it, you realizerealized how he just saved you months of time from trying to figure everything out in your head. Dan’s suggestions are simple and easy to implement. He gives you the golden bounces from his years of learning and that saves you time.

Alice Ma


Dan’s input as a coach was not only invaluable in keeping me on track in the program, but also in helping me better understand my own personal challenges in life and putting together the most complete and comprehensive strategy I have ever seen in reaching both personal and corporate goals. I thank Dan for his incredible insight and coaching skills that allowed me to complete the program and apply new skill sets in both my personal and business relationships. Not an easy program to complete but well worth every penny for anyone that wants to see better results in their life!

Michael Stokes

WILMAR Professional Services Ltd