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We all have an imagination – our imaginative faculty at our disposal
that we use daily just going from one room to another. Yes, we see
where we’re going in advance, but it’s so quick that we don’t tend to
notice it.
Our minds see in pictures and we are programmed to foresee
where we’re going even if we don’t know what it will look or feel
like, our imagination will stir up old memories and create a picture
for us to use temporarily until we arrive and see it physically for
So we can use our imagination to our benefit all day long and at
night while we sleep and go unconscious, our subjective, subconscious
mind takes all of the major experiences and top of mind thoughts and
converts them into dreams, which we perceive as real until we wake up
and return to consciousness.
Dreaming comes naturally because it’s what the subconscious mind does
and your imagination is working whether you want it to or not, however
in between all of this mental activity is your belief system.
Alright so we can imagine what we want, we will dream about it if we
imagine and think about it enough, but how do we crystallize it into
belief? When you truly have something in your life, it’s because you
believe it to be true and accept it as a fact, and the law of
compensation, which is also the law of time, is the determining
You are compensated according to your investment of time. Time is
what is necessary for imagined ideas and dreams to crystallize into a
belief. Only the strong willed and persistent achieve their desires!
So consider for a moment how much we use this incredible power we
have at our fingertips to improve the quality of our lives and have a
rich and fulfilling lifestyle.
How often do you turn on your imagination, daily, weekly or monthly,
deliberately tapping into this powerful creative source, and how
often do you dream of the people, places and things that matter to
you the most and that you think about consistently.
What are you doing with the tools and resources that we given to you
at birth for bringing out your highest and best potential? On a scale
of 1-10, how often do you imagine or daydream, how often do you dream
of something pleasant and fun, how often do you remember your dreams
and replay them in your mind?
– Dan

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