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Why Is Life Getting Harder Now?

We have more talent and ability to live the life of our dreams, but we are not developing our best talents and capabilities. Why?

When we were young and impressionable students, we did not learn how to think, how to plan, how to manage finances, or how to organize our career around our purpose and ideal lifestyle. And neither were our parents. We were not provided the information and resources needed to achieve our big goals and dreams.

We were not taught how to dream. Instead, we were taught how to follow and obey the rules and curriculum so that we get good grades by memorizing information faster and better than our classmates. Schools were established by corporations to prepare people to work in their factories not for developing leaders.

We were lured in with the promise of a certificate that qualifies us for a job that will provide us with the maximum paycheck based on what we know and understand. When in truth, most people receive a base salary and a few weeks of vacation to enjoy their life. Who said life was supposed to be all work and a little play?

Good grades have no value today except to qualify you to learn a mix of information. They don’t lead to a full and happy life. Schools were designed to keep us in the dark. They were created to keep the masses under control and make the corporation powerful. They were designed to keep us blind and in the dark.

If it’s true that we are beings that think every moment of every waking hour. If it’s true that our thoughts are like GPS coordinates always moving us towards a future destination according to our dominant thoughts. If it’s true that our thoughts compound and result in an outcome whether we desire it or not. And if it’s true that our subconscious mind is a massive operating system that has tremendous power but no direction and doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Then we must take full control of our thoughts and direct them with as much accuracy and precision so that we can keep focused on our desires by maintaining a clean and clear operating system. We must seek to keep our minds clear of all fears, worries, and self-doubt.

Our brain is a supercomputer and the more we understand it and how to use it, the better we can direct our lives and feel good. Although our mind is the world's greatest supercomputer, we're going around blind in a mental fog because we haven't been trained on how to program it properly to produce the results we want. We are all infected with mental blindness disease which limits our full potential.

The fog of war is a term used by the military to define the uncertainty regarding one's own capability. Today we are at war with our personal mental fog because we don’t know why we are limiting ourselves. We don’t know why we doubt our ability to accomplish new tasks. We can’t see the hidden memories and hear the little bosses that are causing us to hesitate and second guess our decisions.

Mental blindness is like having a psychological emergency brake on at the same time as pushing the gas pedal. Our blindness is a result of the blind agreements we made from birth to seven years of age. At a young age, we were in a hypnogogic trance and not able to filter information that we hear and see from our parents and teachers.

When you were young and unable to decide for yourself and say no, you received your programming. You received the information for your highest potential. You received the knowledge that established your mindset ceiling, which for most of us, is limiting. 95% of most people's behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, and emotional reactions are subconscious programs.

Although our mind is the world's most sophisticated computer, we're going around blind in a mental fog because we haven't been trained on how to use our mind the right way to produce the greatest results. Until we understand how our mind works and manage our emotions better, we can’t control it. If we can’t control it, then we can’t focus it. The real work starts when we understand what our mind looks like, how it works, and discover our true purpose and passions in life and begin living to feel good.

Your subconscious mind is always eavesdropping on your thoughts and words delivering exactly the amount of money you want, the relationships you want, and the health you want it exact proportion to what you believe you can have. It is responsible for 96-98% of your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. But the problem is that we are using our conscious thinking mind all day long. We are paying attention to the information coming through our senses, which is limiting. We aren’t taping into our higher potential. We’re not using our mental faculties of perception, will, imagination, intuition, and reason.

You might say “I'm going to get rich this year.” But, that's a negative perspective because it infers that you are poor now. Instead, you can phrase it as: “I live and grow in financial abundance every day.” Warning, now, your conscious mind might be saying, “Dan, I'm lying to myself if I say, ‘I'm living in total financial abundance.' When, in fact, I am ‘Sick and tired of not being able to pay my freaking bills.'”

I don't think you are lying to yourself. But it doesn't really matter because what I’m telling you works. If you keep saying over and over, “I'm sick and tired of not being able to pay my bills.” “I'm sick and tired of struggling to pay my bills.” “I'm sick and tired of barely being able to pay my bills.” Whatever you're sick and tired of, you are causing that to be charged with emotion.

So your subconscious is going to attract whatever you’re focusing on, and that's all you're ever going to get. You have to flip it and say something like, “I'm living in total financial abundance.” When you phrase it in the positive and the present, that's when you can make a change.

Consider how much time freedom you want and how much income you need to achieve it. Write down everything that you can imagine even if it seems intangible. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what isn’t, so use it to your advantage. Until you make your subconscious conscious, it will control your life and you will call it destiny.